Why CGA?

CGA believes in non-traditional management consulting model. The firm’s mission is to not only provide strategic guidance but also build collaborative partnership with its clients. It is through inquisitive mind-set and problem solving techniques, the CGA team has achieved sustainable advantages for its clients. Our agile and nimble structure enables us to deliver effective and innovative solutions.

Practice Areas


Whether it is globalization, change in technology, or other external and internal factors, CGA strives to improve on existing strategies for its clients. At CGA, we see a constant shift in business paradigm and a resulting need to evaluate existing strategies. As such, we identify, and implement strategical changes in this dynamic environment. In addition, we understand the significance of a buy-in internally from leadership teams in ensuring a strategy is clear before its execution to safeguard maximum benefit for the business.


Our Consulting practice works alongside clients within both private and public sectors providing independent advice on all our client's needs. This ranges from designing the target operations model to align to a client's technology and digital strategy, while identifying business intelligence tools and processes. The consulting practice also helps manage our client’s risks and business solutions to improve efficiencies across all verticals.


CGA's investments arm partners with leading firms poised for significant improvement and/or growth that attract high-quality resources. We believe M&A strategy when implemented right, especially with a repeatable framework built upon a disciplined capability, creates tremendous value. Our research, recommendations and approach towards investments are highly customized and lead to pragmatic actions. We are disciplined investors, focusing on long-term sustainable business fundamentals.